But I told them to do it!

One of the “joys” of management is delegation. Instead of having to do everything yourself, you can delegate some of the work to others. Unfortunately, many managers don’t understand that just telling someone to do something is not all there is to delegation.

Once you have told someone what to do, the next step is to determine whether they know how to do it or not. You can tell someone to build a rocket ship but if they don’t have the expertise, they aren’t going to be able to do so. If they don’t have the expertise, you have either delegated to the wrong person or you have have to provide the education/training to get them the expertise.

Next, you must make sure it’s on their schedule. Some managers will delegate some work to an employee who has so many other things on their schedule, they can’t get everything done. If it’s not on their schedule in a time slot that allows it to be done on schedule, this must be worked upon.

Next, you must provide follow up. Just because you told someone to do something doesn’t mean you can ignore the follow up. If it’s important enough to have done, it’s important enough for you to follow up on to make sure it was done, it was done right and it was done on schedule.

Many people see delegation and management as a one time thing when the reality is, it’s an ongoing process.

Lastly, when it’s all done, on schedule, to everyone’s satisfaction, the last step is to reward. This might be a monetary reward but frequently, just a “thanks, I appreciate it” is all that is really needed.

Delegation works but only if it’s done properly. If you don’t do it properly, you might as well just do it yourself and fall further behind on everything else

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