Ask what they don’t like

When conducting surveys or post event reviews we tend to ask “what did you like?” Shouldn’t we also ask “what would you like removed?”

We tend to try to guess what other people want in our products or services and sometimes we are right but other times we might be quite wrong. If that is the case, let them tell you what they don’t want and remove it.

Let’s use a Mexican restaurant as an example. If there is a mariachi band playing in the background and you ask people what they would like removed, if the majority of the people request the band be removed, not only can you make them happy by doing so but also, you can save money by not paying the band in the future.

If a non profit organization is providing a service that the majority of the people DON’T WANT wouldn’t it be nice to know so you could make them happier and save some additional money?

Don’t assume that more is better. If you are offering services or features that your customers/clients don’t want, you are making them unhappy and costing your organization money.

Frequently, this will result in a true win/win situation.

One word of caution, there are times you will need to provide services that the majority of the people don’t want or need. As an example, you might provide some services for the handicapped. The majority might not find this to be something they need but for legal and ethical reasons it’s the right thing to do.

Have a great day!


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