You must understand an organizations culture

It’s easy to assume all organizations are similar. Same culture, same means of communications, same processes. The reality is, this is not so.

Each organization has it’s own culture, it’s own beliefs and philosophies and processes. Some of this might be disclosed in their procedures manuals but others are only learned by listening, observing and asking questions.

Many new employees realize this is the case so they tread in slowly and learn as they go. They will make the occasional mistake but hopefully will learn while doing so.

Outside consultants, on the other hand, frequently ignore these cultures and do things they same way they might have done them with other organizations.

Unless these consultants are brought in with the specific task of changing the culture, this is an incorrect and ineffective way to get things done. Organizations spend a great deal of time (and money) developing their culture and it’s important to learn it, respect it and stay within the culture, if you want to be effective long term.

It takes longer to understand an organizations culture than it does to ignore it, but it’s worth the time

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