What motivates you?

If you know what motivates you, that sometimes is half the challenge to being successful. It’s important to understand we are all motivated by different things. Some are motivated by money. Some are motivated by ego. Some are motivated by pride. Some are motivated by family. Some are motivated by fear.

Without knowing what motivates you, it’s easy to get stuck doing things you don’t want to do.

As an example, you might be pursuing a job that fast tracks you to make a lot of money and you might think that will keep you motivated. However, if your true motivation is the pursuit of freedom, being stuck in an office all day might provide a lot of money but also a lot of unhappiness.

Figure out what motivates you and that should help you in the right direction toward success.

Have a great day!


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  1. I just scolded my employee for doing unnecessary things inside the office. Doing some personal things, watching youtube of not related to work, chatting to different persons just to kill time, etc.
    Wow, look at me, I have not gotten sleep yet because of the workload that I know I have to complete. And I know if I complete these virtual assistant tasks I have an accomplishment for the day and it make me a worthy employee!

    Thank you for posting this Lawrence. I think I can share her some ideas about motivations.

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