What are you doing tomorrow at 4PM

If a business associate wants to know if you are available tomorrow at 4PM how quickly can you find out? Do you have your schedule readily available? Do people you work with have access to your schedule? How flexible is your schedule? Do you have a schedule?

It seems some people are too rigid in their schedule, others don’t think about their schedule at all and others have lost complete control of their schedule.

You might want to give this some thought because the one thing you can’t make more of is time. Make sure you are using your time wisely (both personally and professionally). This doesn’t mean making sure all of your time is scheduled precisely, make sure you have time to relax and unwind.

If you work all the time, you will fail in life. If you socialize all the time, you will fail in life. Make sure you have a good mixture in your life and you have a much greater chance of success.

So, what are you doing tomorrow at 4PM?

Have a great day!


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