Update on customer service

Yesterday, I posted a video about customer service. It was Tony Hsieh (CEO of Zappos.com) speaking about how important customer service is in their corporate culture and marketing. Having never actually shopped with them, I decided since I need a pair of running shoes and they sell shoes, I would try them out.

I looked around the web site and found it extremely easy to navigate and while I could have ordered online, I decided to call their 800 number to see how their customer service really was.

The shoes I tried to order were not available in my size so the first thing the Zappos employee did was offer to either put me on a list so I would be notified when they are available OR he offered to search on other companies web sites to find another place I can order from. I thought that was an incredible offer but since I had picked the shoes out somewhat randomly, I told him if we could find an alternative, that would work.

He asked some more questions and then recommended another pair. They were available in the color and size I wanted and when I said I would like to order them, he said he first wanted to check the customers reviews to make sure they had good reviews and also to see if they seemed to run in the correct sizes (I guess some brands tend to be a bit bigger or smaller than others). After reviewing their comments we started on the order.

The ordering process was pretty normal except I felt I was talking to a friend (actually, those who know my friends would realize this person was a LOT NICER) and at the end he reminded me that shipping was free but that as a first time buyer he was going to upgrade me to VIP status which means complimentary upgrade to overnight shipping…for life! Any order placed before 4PM eastern time would arrive the next day. I have no idea if they do that for all customers or not and don’t really care but I do know it’s a great feature.

I didn’t write this to tell you about me getting new shoes but rather, if more businesses operated this way, they would also be more successful.

Does providing this type of customer service work as a marketing tool? It certainly has for me since I’m telling others about it!

By the way, my order was placed at 3:55 PM yesterday and they just arrived

Have a great day!


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