Two different To Do lists

Many people use To Do lists to stay organized. One thing to consider is having two different To Do lists.

The first list would have the normal things that have to be done for day to day operations. If these things don’t get done, it will affect operations.

The second list is for the bigger projects. These would be for the things that will grow your business long term.

The problem is, when you just have one list, the bigger projects get stuck down near the bottom because each day more day to day To Do’s need to get done. This results in maintaining the status quo but not getting better.

By maintaining these two lists, you can do a better job of keeping aware of the big picture while still doing the smaller things. The real goal is to see which of the day to day To Do’s can be delegated or put off to allow for the big picture items to get done.

Having two lists doesn’t mean more gets done, rather it might help you re-prioritize to make sure big picture isn’t forgotten

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