Does simple still work online?

When I speak with web design clients (or potential clients) I get a lot of questions about things such as “flash”, “SEO”, “link building”, “content scraping” and similar similar type things. These people want the prettiest, the coolest, the most “wow” site they can get for their money. They want to find ways to drive massive traffic to their sites. They want to know how to “game” Google

Think about the sites you go on a regular basis. How many of them are using flash homepages? How many of them are true “wow” sites?

If you are like most people, you are going to sites that are easy to navigate, updated regularly and give you what you want. They are not the sites that show off their programmers coding prowess, Don’t believe me? Check out the following:

Many people want to be like these sites but think the way to do this is by being the prettiest or the flashiest. Look at what is truly working. Substance matters. Simple matters.

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