Do you know who your followers are leading?

Most people reading this post are leaders in some way. The thing to remember is very few people are always leaders. Most of us have groups we lead and also leaders we follow.

If you can figure out who your followers are leading you will be able to have a much greater sphere of influence rather than just your regular group of followers.

As an example, if you give a speech to 50 people, you have a reach of 50 people. However, if your message is strong enough that those 50 people each speak about it to their groups of 50, your sphere of influence suddenly expands to 2500 quickly.

In some ways, some of the online social networking opportunities could help with this but unfortunately, there is way too much emphasis on expanding the initial group of followers and not enough of an emphasis on creating a message strong enough to encourage them to spread the word.

5 followers given a strong enough message to pass it on to their followers are much more powerful than 50 followers without a strong message.

Technology and social changes have made it much easier to expand our “followers” but just as it always has been, without a strong message…no one will care.

Have a great day!


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