Big Brother is Watching

Something to keep in mind is unlike any other time in history, Big Brother is Watching.

Driver hits a parked car and drives away…Big Brother is Watching
Person throws litter out of their car…Big Brother is Watching
Person trips and falls…Big Brother is Watching
Person screams at a clerk in department store…Big Brother is Watching

It doesn’t matter what you do, Big Brother is Watching. Don’t believe me? Check out Everything described above (and millions more) have been recorded on video and uploaded to the Internet. Big Brother isn’t the government as portrayed in George Orwell’s novel Nineteen Eighty-Four but rather anyone with a cell phone or camera that can shoot video and upload to the Internet.

Realize that all actions done in public (and unfortunately, some done in private) might be recorded and shown to the world. Take that into consideration next time you are out in public

Big Brother is Watching (and so is little sister down the street)

Have a great day!


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