Two organizations have an idea

Two organizations have an idea.

One takes the group approach and forms an ad hoc committee to review candidates for the various committees that will need to be formed to do advanced planning, survey’s, reviews, goal setting, time management calculations, project management etc. Once the committees are formed, meetings are scheduled, conference calls are conducted, retreats are planned, rfp’s are sent out, proposals are reviewed, interviews conducted, people are hired. Twelve months later, a modified version on the idea is implemented which required a great deal of compromise and inevitably will be average at best.

The second organization takes the idea, assigns it to a person and two weeks later it’s done. Over the next 6 months numerous modifications are done to take a good idea and make it even better.

Which organization do you think will be successful in the wrong run?

Which type of organization are you involved with?

Have a great day!


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