No No No

Do you want to support a negative organization? If a store keeps saying no to you, are you going to keep going back? If you think there isn’t a lot of negativity out there, take a look around some time

No smoking
No cell phones
No checks
No exit
No No NO

I’m not saying you should encourage or allow these things but can they be presented in a more positive way?

Instead of “No Smoking” how about “Thank you for helping us provide a smoke free environment, if you feel the need to smoke, we have an area on the side of the building available to you”

Instead of “No Checks” how about “We gladly accept cash, money orders and credit cards”

Anything you can say in the negative, you can find a way to say in the positive.

There are times you might want to stay with the negative approach (“Do not touch, HOT!”) but if you want to improve your business, look to create a more positive approach

Instead of “no, no no” find a way to say “yes, yes, yes” you will find it’s contagious!

Have a great day!


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