Find the pattern and then the cause

We tend to look at individual events and ignore patterns that can be built upon for future development.

As an example, a restaurant might find they have their best sale days on Thursday’s. Some might be content and be happy. Others might look at the pattern and look for the cause. The pattern of good sale days on Thursday’s might be the result of plays at a local theater and people come by after the play. If this is the true cause, rather than be content, the restaurant might decide to be proactive and sponsor another night of plays at the theater While it would cost money in the sponsorship, the increase in sales might more than offset it. Without looking at the pattern and cause, this would never happen.

There are very few truly random acts. Winning the lottery might seem to be a truly random act. However, in looking at the pattern one thing that will be discovered is no one wins the lottery who hasn’t purchased a ticket (or had a ticket purchased for them). Purchasing a lottery ticket in no way guarantees a winning ticket but it does increase the chances over not purchasing a ticket.

When looking at problems with a computer program, there will almost always be a pattern that will show the problem. If you are willing to look hard enough, you will find the pattern and then the cause.

See the pattern, determine the cause and the rest will be easy

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