Work for the best but prepare for the worst

Business has it’s ups and downs. People get hired, people get fired. Someone gets a raise, someone else has their hours cut back.

The key is to work for the the best, do everything you can to achieve your maximum while at the same time, preparing for the worst.

As a simple example, you get a new high paying job. Many people would see this as a great opportunity to move from a small apartment into a new house. Based on your current salary, the mortgage payments shouldn’t be a problem. To some, this would be a no brainer. Then the unanticipated problems start. A bigger home needs more furniture, more decor, more landscaping etc. Frequently, these additions require more money than anticipated, take more time and more thought. So, while you should be concentrating on this new, high paying job, you are concentrating on other things. This would NOT be an example of working for the best situation. Productivity gets effected, moods change and worse case scenario, you lose your job (whether it’s because of your poor performance or the economy or other issues). Without the high paying job, you can’t afford the house house anymore and additional stress has to be dealt with.

The alternative is if you get a new high paying job, don’t make dramatic changes to the rest of your life. Keep some stability, allow yourself to get off to a good start with this new job and then in a year or two, when you are truly comfortable in your new position, then, if you feel the need, look for the new house. By this time, you will have a much better understanding of what you can really afford, you will know how stable your position really is and you will be better able to handle the demands of a new house. This will have allowed you to devote your time and focus to the new position and will most likely result in a much happier life. If the worse case scenario does occur and you still lose your job, you would have been able to save up a good deal of money by continuing to live in a small apartment and either wouldn’t have the high mortgage payment, or, if you do, you would have some savings to help with the payments.

Work to be the best but be prepared for the worst. You will find it allows you to be much happier long term.

Have a great day!


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