Why do people want us to fail?

A new retail store opens and a person walks in and says “you will be out of business within 6 months”,

A new web site is launched and a person sends an email explaining why they wont support it because of a nit-picky detail that has no significance at all.

A way to save an organization money is recommended and rather than considering the recommendation, the organization puts it “in committee” to let it die a slow death.

A new profit center is suggested and more time and effort is spent trying to maintain the status quo than trying to make the new profit center a success.

Is it that people are afraid of others succeeding or it their fear that others success will further demonstrate their failures?

Does someone else’s success really reflect poorly on you? Shouldn’t you want to see others around you succeed?

Some people who are struggling with success prefer that others around them struggle as well. The ones who are destined for success are the ones who want to see everyone around them succeed as well.

Are you looking to help others succeed or are you trying to bring others down to your level?

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