There is no Blueprint for Success

There is no Blueprint for Success

There are thousands of books available on how to be successful.

There are thousands of websites and blogs online that will “teach” you how to make money.

There are courses available to “show you the way to success”.

There are “mentors” out there who will take you step by step to success.

The thing to remember is as long as you keep looking for the blueprint for success, you will continue to struggle.

The thing that works for one person will not necessarily work for someone else. The thing that worked last year will not necessarily work this year. The situation in Arkansas is quite different than the situation in Alaska.

Rather than looking for the blueprint for success, you should approach your business like a true business. Do a SWOT Analysis of your business, do a SWOT Analysis of your competition (if you aren’t sure how to do a SWOT Analysis check out, be passionate about your product or service, pick a path to pursue based on your research for this particular business and give it your all.

Too often, we want to be given the “secret” which will speed up our path to success. The secret is to stop looking for the blueprint from others and develop a customized blue print for YOUR SUCCESS.

Reading or hearing what others have done to be successful can be helpful but if you follow their path you will most likely fail as there are always different variables in each situation. Create your own path, you will find it works quite well

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