The mind sees what it wants to see

One of the risks of hiring talented people is once hired, we want to give them as much freedom as possible. While this is a good thing, we have to remember that providing some form of oversight is very important.

This oversight isn’t necessarily to check up on the person as if you don’t trust them but rather to provide a second set of eyes.

As an example, when I write these posts, I tend to write them quickly, and then give a quick read through looking for errors and then post to the blog and send via email. The problem is, when I am rereading what I wrote, I am not necessarily reading what I actually wrote but rather, I tend to read what I think I wrote (what I wanted to write). Because of this, I might miss some obvious errors. If I had second person go through these posts, I’m sure they could point out all of the mistakes because they would be seeing what I actually wrote and not just what I think I wrote (in my case, I’m willing to allow these mistakes as my primary purpose is for people to get the general idea and hopefully, those come through even with the minor errors).

Help others by providing oversight and allow others to help you. Otherwise, you will continue to see what your mind wants it to see and not what is really out there.

Have a great day!


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