Take Action…or plan?

There is a belief that one of the main things people need to do is to TAKE ACTION. People use terms such as “analysis paralysis” to demonstrate the need to take action however, they don’t take into consideration the ramifications of their actions.

There are a number of college coaches who read these posts and they know just how big and just how ridiculous the NCAA rulebook is that they must abide by. The NCAA (along with many other organizations) take action based on isolated situations and don’t always take into consideration all of the issues these actions might cause. As an example, at one point, high school students could call college coaches collect in one division but they could not call using a schools toll free number. In another division, high school students could call using a schools toll free number but could not call collect. Why would they have such different (and ridiculous) rules? I’m assuming in each case, they were reacting to a specific issue and didn’t look at the big picture.

In your organization, are you establishing rules and policies after looking at the big picture ramifications or are you taking action quickly and then having to react later to the things you didn’t take into consideration when you rushed into action?

Taking action is important. Planning ahead of time and then taking action is worth the extra time because while it takes more time short term, it potentially avoids a LOT of problems long term.

Have a great day!

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