Sometimes you have to create the event

You are a college coach and you believe it would be wonderful if there was one camp where most of the top athletes would all attend and coaches could use this one camp for evaluating and recruiting purposes….if it doesn’t exist, CREATE IT.

You are a Realtor and feel if only your clients were better educated when it comes to buying and selling real estate it would make it better for all concerned….if no one is providing this educational opportunity, CREATE IT.

You run a convention center and notice a slow down in conventions and meetings due to the economy, rather than waiting for the economy to change (it will change but no one knows in what direction), CREATE YOUR OWN EVENTS.

It’s easy to wait for someone else to create an opportunity for you. However, by waiting, it means you are hoping someone else does something and hoping they are doing it the way you want it done. Rather then sitting back and hoping, step up and create it yourself

Have a great day!


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