Make them an offer YOU can not turn down

Inevitably, we all will deal with a customer or client who is a complete pain in the neck. They want to negotiate every term, nit pick every item and seem to want way more than we want to provide.

The tendency when dealing with this type of a person is to go the extra mile, try to make them happy, have the frustration build up inside of us and then we get to the point of not wanting to deal with them so we “fire” the client and everyone loses.

An alternative to firing a client is to make them an offer YOU can not turn down.

The way way to do this is to figure out what they want and then offer it to them with terms that, while possibly unreasonable, will make it worth your while.

As an example, if you are negotiating with a potential client to design and program their web site and the normal fee is $2500.00 but they keep making requests that make this unreasonable, offer them EXACTLY what they want but the price might now be $10,000.00. This puts the decision in their hands. They can walk away (which is what you were wanting anyway) or they might surprise you and agree to the $10,000.00 at which point, it might be worth it to you to not turn down.

When using this technique, make sure the offer is really worth your time and effort and if it’s not, UP THE OFFER.

Make them an offer YOU can not turn down and you might be surprised by what it does to your bottom line (and your psychological well being)

Have a great day!


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