If someone has to lose, why not be the winner

A truly successful negotiation will result in a win/win situation. Both sides will benefit from the negotiation and no one will be the loser. Unfortunately, in life, there are situations where people lose and our choice is to lament over the situation, ignore the situation or to make sure you are the person who wins from the situation.

Using real estate as an example, there are millions of homes either that have been foreclosed upon or which are going to be foreclosed upon in the near future. Many people out there are pissed. They are saying things like “the banks are screwing us over”, “the damn government is messing up everything” and “it’s the economies fault”. Other people are just ignoring the situation because “it hasn’t happened to me”

The people who want to win from the situation are the ones who realize for every home foreclosed upon by the bank (or other lending institution) while one person is losing their house, it’s an opportunity to purchase the house at a reduced price. This isn’t a matter of taking advantage of a person who is down as whether you are the one buying the foreclosure or someone else is, the previous owner isn’t affected at all.

Companies are downsizing and laying off marketing staff and bookkeeping so while it’s unfortunate for them, it’s an opportunity for the person who can offer to outsource small business marketing and bookkeeping.

Colleges are struggling with finding students who can get financing for their schools so the organization who can provide an alternative in distance learning will prosper.

It’s a shame some people have to lose but realize for every loss, there is an opportunity for you to win!

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