How Transparent is your organization?

This morning, I went to login to the software program I use for billing clients (a web based program). I entered my login information and it took me to “page not found”. After retrying a few times, I tried going to the companies homepage to find a way to contact them to see what the problem might be. On the very top of the homepage, in bold font, is a message that their services are currently unavailable and they are investigating the problem. A simple, one sentence message.

By putting this message on their homepage, it saves me time from trying to call them (or email or online chat) and it saves their time from having to respond when they should be doing what is more important which is getting their services back up and running.

Most companies would be afraid to put this type of message on their web site, in any location yet this one is willing to be upfront, admit there is a problem and that they are working on it. While I want (and need) their service to be working soon, the fact they are being so transparent in their problems This one line of transparency helped me go from being frustrated and upset to being much more patient.

When something goes wrong with your organization, how upfront are you with your customers? Do you admit when you are having a problem or do you make it difficult for them to contact you, pretend it’s not happening and hope the problem goes away?

We don’t expect people to be perfect but we do expect people to be upfront in their failings and when they are upfront in this way,we can be MUCH more understanding.

How transparent is your organization?

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