Does your work get better or worse over time?

When you start a new job, or you start a new project or get a new client, do you do your very best work at the start and then get complacent or does your work continue to improve?

You would think most peoples work would continue to improve but if you really observe what people do, I think you will find the opposite is true.

People tend to give their best at the beginning (trying to earn trust) and once that trust is earned, they become complacent and do average work. These people take advantage of the fact most people don’t like change so once a person is established in a position, unless things go really bad, the status quo will be maintained.

The person who truly wants to be invaluable will start a project or job strong and then based on their new experiences will continue to improve each day. They will keep building and getting better and in time, truly make a difference.

Does your work get better or worse over time?

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