What is your Plan D?

We have an idea.

We create the strategy.

We design the processes.

We start the process.

Something goes wrong (and let’s not kid ourselves, something will always go wrong)

Do you have a Plan B?

What if that fails? Is there a Plan C and D?

It takes a lot more time to have multiple plans and be prepared for multiple contingencies. While it takes longer in the preparing stage, it makes things work in the long run. I would rather have plans that I end up not having to use then to need another plan and not have it available.

Have multiple plans, multiple contingencies and be prepared for as much as possible. Even with all of that planning, something will happen you are not prepared for. However, with multiple options to choose from, you are more likely to come up with a solution than having nothing planned at all.

However, be careful not to allow planning to prevent you from ever getting started. It’s a fine line to know when more planning is needed and when it’s time to take action. Those who know where that line is are more likely to be successful.

Have a great day!


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