Sometimes it’s faster to go slower

So many of us are in such a rush that we don’t realize it’s sometimes faster to go slower.

I’m writing this from a hotel room and this hotel obviously in limiting everyone’s access to the Internet. While everyone has access, downloads and uploads are somewhat limited which would make the uploading or downloading of video painfully slow. However, regular usage is more than adequate.

If the hotel allowed unlimited uploads and downloads, you might think everyone would be able to do things quicker. The reality, however, is quite the opposite. Too many people would be downloading movies and while they might say “unlimited” the truth is there are always limits based on overall bandwidth. Many people trying to download videos would cause their downloading to slow down significantly but also regular usage as well. So by slowing down the internet access, it allows most people to go faster than if they allowed everyone “unlimited” downloading. If you have ever been in a hotel with painfully slow Internet, it’s most likely because they aren’t slowing down their users and they are being affected by peer to peer transfers etc.

The same thing is true on a highway. Without a speed limit, everyone could drive much faster but that would only be true until the accidents start happening. Once there is an accident, the unlimited speed limit becomes insignificant and the traffic will be going much slower due to the accident. Most would find that if everyone drives a bit slower, on average, people would get there faster.

People rush through projects to get them done as soon as possible but in doing so, they don’t have time to do them the right way. It’s faster to go a bit slower and get it done correctly than to go full speed and have to redo a big part due to errors.

Slow down, you might find you get done quicker

Have a great day!


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