Right place, right time

How often have you heard that someone was lucky because they were in the right place at the right time?

We hear stories about famous actresses who were discovered as teenagers by directors while sitting in a diner. We hear stories about software developers who created something for themselves and some friends and someone discovered it and bought it for millions. We hear stories about great athletes who were discovered by a college coach who went to watch a game to recruit someone else and suddenly they were discovered.

While pure luck might occasionally come into play, the reality is most of these people made their luck. The “nobody” actress who was suddenly discovered while sitting in a diner or playing in a small play in front of 10 people probably had made some great sacrifices to be in that situation. Frequently, they left their families, left their friends and moved to an unknown area and then spent hundreds /thousands of hours to make sure they could be “suddenly discovered”

The software programmer whose program was suddenly discovered spent countless hours developing the software and probably spent countless more hours developing other software no one ever wanted.

The unknown athlete might have been discovered while the coaches were looking at someone else, but if he hadn’t put in the time needed to develop his skills, he would have been seen and then ignored (like the other players on the field who weren’t recruited).

There are some occasions when a person gets “discovered” by pure luck but more often than not, the sudden discovery worked very hard to be in a position to be the “overnight” sensation.

Most of the people who have been suddenly discovered spend many years preparing for that situation, Some might call it luck, I call it being prepared.

If you want to be in the right place at the right time, simply work harder and smarter and you will be amazed how suddenly you too might be an “overnight success”.

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