Pre Survey instead of Post Survey

It’s common for organizations to conduct surveys after an event to see if people found the event to be to their satisfaction

The other day, I received a call from a client who has a seminar coming up in a few months and he asked if we could do a survey asking people what they want covered during this seminar. The seminar is on a particular topic but he figured rather than trying to anticipate what attendees would want to see covered, he would simply ask them.

It’s such a simple concept but if you think about it, very few people do it.

A camp owner could send a survey to attendees (and potential attendees) asking for specific things they want to do during the camp. A group running a conference could ask people for recommendations on topics to be discussed at the conference. A restaurant owner could ask customers for suggestions to add to their menus.

We like to think we know what our customers/clients want but the reality is, we frequently don’t. Doesn’t it make more sense to ask them before hand rather than try to guess and then ask later how we did?

It’s important when doing a pre survey to make sure the participants understand that all opinions would be taken seriously but it might not be possible to fulfill everyones wishes (unless you own Fantasy Island).

Just a thought

Have a great day!


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