Is your organizational chart correct?

An employee leaves and our first thought is “we need to fill that position by hiring someone or promoting someone”.

Before doing this, we really should be asking ourselves “is there a need for that position?” Also, we should ask “should that position be reconfigured to better suit the needs of the organization?”

Too often, we fill position based on openings and not on the true needs of the organization. Any organization with more than 2-3 people should have an organizational chart and the configuration of the chart (and thus the organization) on a regular basis.

Many organizations would benefit by taking a serious look at their organizational chart and seeing if there are ways to make changes that would be beneficial to the organization. The difficulty in doing this is frequently the people making the evaluation are too close to the situation. When you have seen the same thing for the past X years, it’s sometimes difficult to see how Y might be more effective. Consider bringing in some outside people to take a look at your organizational chart and they might see things very differently/

Is your organizational chart correct? If not, what are you going to do about it?

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