If you want people to succeed, let them fail

If you have people working for you (or with you) and you want them to succeed, it’s important to let them fail.

It’s so easy for us to step in any time we see something going wrong (or just going in a direction we don’t want/expect) but if we don’t let the people who are assigned to the task to keep trying (and occasionally fail) how will they ever truly learn?

Too often, we think we are doing a favor by stepping in when we see someone struggling but struggling is how we learn. If you want people to succeed, give them the opportunity to succeed (and to fail)

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3 Replies to “If you want people to succeed, let them fail”

  1. Learned helplessness. Look at the recent stats on two and now even three generations of a family tree being on welfare or other poverty assistance programs. These people learn that it is easier for someone else to do the work.

    I’m sure you see it all of the time, being a resident of WV.

  2. Yes I see it all the time. However, I travel a good deal and while I see it in WV, I see it in every other state I visit as well.

    It’s just as applicable in large organizations (one of the easiest places to hide is in a crowd) and do not think this isn’t taking place at the executive level as well.

    The funny thing is, some of the most ambitious and creative people I know are here in WV, sadly, people tend to not recognize them and instead, harp on the negatives

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