If you are good, you can adapt

If I’m running a soccer coaches clinic and am demonstrating how to conduct a training session for the coaches, I would want to have a high level group of demonstrators to make it easy for the coaches to see how the session should look. If they are able to demonstrate everything properly, it makes the coaching look good.

If the players aren’t at a level where they can do everything perfectly, the coach will have to adapt (some might even call this COACHING). They might have to teach something they assumed the players knew, or make minor changes to the progression. The thing these coaches have to understand is this is what the coaches in the audience have to deal with EVERY DAY.

We all want a perfect situation but the reality is, this doesn’t occur very often. Isn’t it more realistic to demonstrate in a manner similar to what they people in the audience will be dealing with?

If you are in charge of a housekeeping department for a hotel, you might want to demonstrate how to make a bed using a bed that has plenty of room on all sides for you to move around. However, if the beds the actual housekeepers are working on are in a crowded room, shouldn’t the demonstration be in a crowded room?

If you are in charge of an accounting department and demonstrate how to do the paper work when all the numbers match up, it will seem easy. However, if the accounting department is going to be dealing with a situation where they have to figure out why something doesn’t match up, should that be shown in the demonstration.

Many people are so concerned about looking good that they want to make sure everything is perfect before they start. The people who are actually good at what they do are able to adapt when necessary and aren’t afraid to do so, even in front of others.

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