Brainstorm your way to success

Do you want to improve your business, organization or life? If so, do you have one hour to spare?

We miss so many opportunities do to lack of creativity, lack of risk taking, lack of thought and lack of ideas. We have some ideas but are afraid to share them due to the risk of them not being good ideas, the risk of ridicule, the risk of failure and many other risks.

If you want to come up with some new, good ideas for your organization, gather 3-5 people and do a true brainstorming session. Have one person write down the ideas on a whiteboard.

The basic rules for brainstorming are the follows:

The more the merrier. Go for quantity over quality. In a one hour period, try for 50 or more new ideas.
Go for the absurd. Don’t worry if you think the idea is doable or not. The more creative the better.
No judging. It doesn’t matter if you like an idea or don’t, all ideas are good ideas. Go in with an open mind
Build upon ideas. Each idea doesn’t have to be independent of other ideas. Build upon other ideas (without passing judgment upon them)

After you write down the ideas (a good hour or so of non stop brainstorming), leave them for 24 hours. Then go back and start reviewing. Determine which you can use, which need to put off till later and which need to be discarded. The same 3-5 people should go through this process. The thing to remember is the ideas are being judged and not the people who proposed them. While open discussion is needed during this process, arguing over ownership and having individuals attacked doesn’t serve any purpose.

While it’s helpful to be objective and for at least one person to take on the role of ‘devils advocate’ you aren’t looking to establish a list of things you can’t do. Make sure at least one person is taking the role of ‘angels advocateā€ and looking for ways to make things happen.

While many organizations do brainstorming sessions, they stop at this point. They might take one idea and try to run with it and if they are fortunate, something good will come from that idea. The mistake is there might be many other good ideas on that list. Some might not be done at first because something else might seem to be better. Others might not be done because it wasn’t the right time. Others might not be done due to lack of resources. The thing to remember is times change, resources become available and what might not have been the best idea initially might turn into the true game changer.

I don’t believe there is any business, any organization or any individual who would not benefit from regular brainstorming sessions.

Most organizations are lacking good ideas and it’s sad because they are only one hour away!

Have a great day!


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