Are you prepared for success?

Most businesses and organizations strive for success. The thing that many don’t understand is too much success can cause major problems if you aren’t prepared.

If you are a manufacturer and suddenly receive massive orders will you have the capacity to fulfill these orders? If you can rely upon these orders for the long term, you can build new facilities etc but if there is no guarantee of future orders, that expansion could potentially prove catastrophic.

If you are running a seminar and the room fills up, you could get a bigger room but 100% of a smaller room is sometimes better than 75% of a bigger room (75% of the bigger room might generate more revenue but the cost for the bigger room and the loss of atmosphere of a packed room might not be worth it).

Making the decision, in advance, of when it’s truly in your best interests to expand and when it’s best to stay as is will help you avoid the emotional decisions which frequently end up being very costly.

Success is good. Too much unprepared for success can be quite costly. Be careful what you wish for, if you haven’t planned for it, you might regret what you get

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