What you did yesterday might be great but what about today?

“I was the best salesperson last year”

“We were national champions last year”

“I had the highest customer service ratings last time”

“We had record profits last year”

How many times do you hear people talk about what they did last year? While previous accomplishments are wonderful, the reality is, what you do today is what people are going to be most interested in.

If you won last year that doesn’t help you this year (unless they start changing the rules and let the defending champion start with some extra points this year).

Having been the best last year might help you in terms of confidence but at the same time, confidence and complacency are often interchangeable.

Having been the best last time might give you a psychological boost but it also puts a target on you because you are the one everyone will be aiming for and if you let up because “well we were the best last time” it’s amazing how quickly someone can overtake you.

What you did last time is great to have for your memories when you are older. What you plan to do in the future is pure conjecture and wishful thinking. What you do today is what people will be judging you by.

Start everyday with a clean slate and try to be the best for today. If you go in with that attitude, yesterday will be taken care of and tomorrow will only get better.

Have a great day!


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