The best ever

People are so quick to judge things.

Athletes (and teams) are declared “the best ever” before they really have time to show just how good they are (or aren’t).

Some people were calling the New England Patriots the “best team ever” when they were going through their undefeated season and they didn’t wait for the season to be over (while they might have been “the best ever” they weren’t champions as the New York Giants beat them in the Super Bowl).

Some people are calling Lebron James the “best basketball player ever” but shouldn’t we wait to see how his career ends (and see if he wins at least one championship) before making that declaration?

Products are called “the best ever” as soon as they are launched and most times, they fail to live up to their billing. The product might be very good but it’s considered a failure because of unfair expectations.

Some people are calling Twitter “the best idea on the internet ever” but shouldn’t we wait to see if it can generate revenue for it’s owners and see where it is in 2 years before making that declaration.

Sometimes we are so caught up in the “hype” we forget the reality. Let’s be more patient and see how things pan out before declaring the next thing “the best ever”.

Have a great day!

PS Russ, if you want to refer to last years team as “the best ever” go ahead, you backed it up, good job, now go for the third straight!

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