Start a group of one

Most people want to be part of something. In many cases, they don’t even care what they are part of, as long as they are part of something.

Being a member of a group gives people a feeling that they matter. We hear on a regular basis there is “power in numbers” and “united we survive, divided we fail”. Groups are great. Interaction is important. However, it’s important to be careful what groups you choose.

Back in the 1930’s, people were looking for a leader to follow and group to join so many Germans joined the Nazi party.

Back in the 1970’s in the San Francisco area, people were looking for someone to follow and a group to join so some joined Jim Jones group (for those not familiar with how that ended see

There are numerous examples of people joining a group not because it was the right group but rather because they wanted to belong to something and they found a group with a charismatic leader. Sometimes good things come from it (see but other times bad things happen (see

If you find a good to join, by all means do so. However, if you can’t find a good group, start one yourself. Remember, all groups start with one person and then grow from there.

Examples of groups you can start:

If you like to cook and enjoy fine foods, start a dinner club where each month (or week or whatever time period you choose) a different member hosts a dinner at their house. Start by hosting it yourself and invite a friend or two
If you enjoy reading, start a book club. Pick a book, invite a couple of friends to read it as well and then meet to discuss.
If you enjoy hiking, schedule a hike, invite some friends and if it’s a positive experience, the next one will be scheduled quickly
If you enjoy sewing, start a project and invite others to join.

You do not have to wait for others to invite you to join a club or group, start your own and see how it builds

Be a group of one and then grow from there!

Have a great day!


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