Simple branding with email

Branding is a term many people use in marketing but too often it’s assumed it costs big bucks to do effective branding and is something only done by the “big boys”.

One way to simply (and cheaply) help brand your business or organization is through your email address. Every email you send from your account, your account, your account or your ISP providers account is doing an effective job of branding those companies.

If you have a web site, most web hosts will provide some email addresses through your domain as part of the hosting fee. So instead of branding gmail by using you would be branding your domain and your business by using If your web host doesn’t provide for email addresses you can run this through your gmail account so while you are using their services, the email is being sent from and too

This might seem like a small thing but it can potentially make a big difference and is too easy not to be doing.

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