Revisting rules

Rules are frequently made to address a given situation (and usually they are made after the fact). For example, someone finds an “exploit” of a current rule so a new rule is put in place to address this specific exploit. The problem is these revised rules don’t look at the big picture and rather are just trying to address a short term problem

At least once a year all organizations should look at revisiting all of their rules and determine if they should stay, go or be revised.

As an example, an organization might have a rule that says all employees work from 8-5 with a one hour break for lunch. It’s always been that way so always will be that way. While there might be a good reason for this rule, frequently it was because most customers were local so the times made sense. Today, where many organizations have a much larger reach because of the Internet, 5PM on the east coast of the USA is only 2 PM on the west coast so the potential for lost opportunities is much greater. 8AM on the east coast is already 1PM in London. If your organization is working with people in different time zones, shouldn’t your hours take that into consideration? Do your rules currently do so?

Do your rules require your employees to punch a time card when it would be much more efficient and effective to use a time tracking device on a computer instead?

Do you have weekly meetings to get status reports from department heads that could be eliminated with the use of a project management program?

Do your rules address personal phone calls but not personal emails and social networking on company time?

Are your work attire rules up to date?

When was the last time you looked at your travel reimbursement rules?

With some organizations, it would b best to start over and scrap all previous rules and come up with new, up to date and relevant rules. With other organizations, a simple revisiting of the rules is all that is needed. However, I can’t think of any organization that doesn’t need to, at the very least, take a look at your written (and unwritten) rules each year

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