Reinventing yourself

Many people see themselves and their organizations a certain way. It’s difficult for them to see themselves any other way and because of this, they are limiting themselves.

People, and organizations, with a more open mind are able to reinvent themselves when needed in order to better themselves. This does not mean trying to mislead people but rather it’s about realizing that we have the ability to emphasize the many strengths we might possess.

A simple example of how you can reinvent yourself as an individual is if you aren’t being thought of as being “professional enough” by your peers or potential customers, you might choose to change your work attire. Make the transition to more formal business clothing (instead of jeans and a polo shirt go with a suit). Make the decision to always be the best dressed person and see if people start to perceive you differently.

If you feel you need to meet new people, instead of continuing to hang out at the same places, go somewhere different. Instead of going to the local bar, volunteer at the local museum. Instead of spending your time in the evenings watching TV, spend more time at the local bookstore.

In athletics, sometimes the only way to be successful at the next level is to reinvent yourself. The star outside hitter in high school volleyball might be great at that level but might be too small to be an outside hitter in college. The options are to insist that this is “your position” or be open minded, reinvent yourself become a defensive specialist and be a star libero

There are some great examples of business and products being completely reinvented..

Listerine started as a surgical antiseptic and then transitioned to a mouthwash. Over the years, it has been marketed as a way to prevent colds and sore throats as well as a way to prevent dandruff. It’s been marketed as a deodorant, as well as a way to deal with many skin problems. It’s been used as a cleaning product and many other ways. If Listerine was only thought of as a surgical antiseptic, it probably would have been replaced many years ago but instead because it’s been willing to reinvent itself, it’s still a very successful product.

Another great example of how a product has been “reinvented” for multiple uses is Arm & Hammer Baking Soda. Over the years, it’s been marketed as a cleaner, to bake with, as a way to keep pool water clean, as a fire extinguisher, as a way to keep a refrigerator smelling clean, as an antacid, and for many other uses. How many more sales have been made because of the reinventing of the uses of this product?

You can reinvent yourself while still being true to yourself, just be open minded, look at your options and be willing to take the chance.

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