Firing a client

Businesses frequently do many things to acquire new clients.

They are willing to lose money initially with the thought of making it up in the long run. They are willing to give in even when they don’t think it’s the correct decision. Some even go as far as to say “the customer/client is always right”.

The reality is, there are times when a client is more trouble than they are worth.

The willingness to fire a client, the willingness to say “no” the willingness to acknowledge the client is NOT always right is frequently the difference between a business being able to survive and one that fails.

It’s more difficult for many to fire a client than it is to find a new client. However, it’s important to keep in mind that a bad client can bring an entire organization down much quicker than a good client can bring them up

The key is, when firing a client, to do it in the same way you would want to be hired. Be professional, be courteous and stick to your guns

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