Do you know what food is supposed to taste like?

Recently I had dinner at a restaurant with the owner of the restaurant. He asked me if I would be interested in trying a some high end organic meat, It’s from a farm that he described as doing things one level UP from regular organic (I’m not sure what that truly means, but I took it to mean that not only do they not use chemicals but they probably also teach the cows to read and write before they slaughter them). Eight people tried the meats (the owner, the executive chef, the GM, the manager and a couple of others from the kitchen along with me) and the consensus was…we didn’t really like it very much.

Everyone is so accustomed to food with chemicals and additives that most of us don’t know what food really tastes like.

In the same way, many musicians, when they are playing live don’t sound nearly as good as they do when they are in studio because when they are performing in a studio, their sounds can be altered to sound better, after the fact.

Actors, actresses and models sometimes don’t look nearly as good in person when their flaws can’t be airbrushed over.

Once we get past the chemicals, the alterations, the distortions, then we can truly appreciate things, and people for what they truly are

Just something to think about

Have a great day!

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