Do something big in 2010

The new year is coming soon and many people establish new year resolutions. January 1st they are all gung ho to lose weight, get a new job, write a book etc.

Feb 1 comes around and the excitement is gone, the resolutions are fading fast

March 1 comes around and we think “maybe next year”

Rather than going through this process again, why not set a true goal and think BIG for 2010?

Things to consider doing:

Organize an event to raise $100,000 for your favorite charity
Get a group of people together to start a new non profit organization in your area that will make a difference.
Create a new online school that helps youth understand the importance of reading and writing
Start a company whose primary goal is to make enough money to hire more people to give others opportunities they don’t currently have.

The opportunities to do something big and truly make a difference are endless. There are different opportunities for different people. There are many reasons not to do something big (“the economy sucks”, “I work too hard now”, “I don’t like to take chances”) but wouldn’t it be cool to really do something big in 2010 and know you made a difference in peoples lives?

Just a thought

Have a great day!


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