December Book Sale

7 Books for only $36 INCLUDING SHIPPING (within the US).

Currently I have 7 books for sale on Each book is available on for between $12.96 and $17.95 plus shipping however, all SEVEN (7) are available for the total price of $36.

The 7 books are:

11 + 10 = 1: How the Addition of 10 Principles in Life Turned 11 Players into 1 Team
The SWOT Analysis: Using Your Strength to Overcome Weaknesses, Using Opportunities to Overcome Threats
Team Building: A Guide for the Reluctant Manager
Pragmatic Team Dynamics: Recognizing and Understanding the Dynamics at Work
Time Management for Busy Executives
Goal Setting
Time Management Booklet for Students

Don’t want all seven books? No problem! You can purchase any 5 for $6 each (plus $4.95 for shipping). You can purchase any 4 for $7 each (plus $4.95 for shipping). You can purchase any 3 for $8 each (plus $4.95 for shipping). Or single copies are available for $9.95 (plus $4.95 for shipping)

If you want pricing for different quantities, please send a request and let me know what you want and I’ll get you the pricing as soon as possible.

All books will ship within one business day.

For more information about the books and to order, please go to the
Have a great day!


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