Become an angels advocate

For years people thought they were being an invaluable part of an organization by playing the role of “devils advocate”. They looked for the negatives. They tried to punch holes in new ideas. Their function was to make sure an organization didn’t embark on a new project without taking all variables into consideration. These people have been valuable but certainly not invaluable.

If you want to become truly invaluable, be an “angels advocate”. Instead of looking for the problems, be the person who finds the way to make things work. Instead of being the person who looks for problems, be the person who finds solutions.

There isn’t a single organization out there who doesn’t need angel advocates. Some might not know they need one but if you are a true angels advocate, you will know how to solve that problem as well!

The great thing about trying to be an angels advocate is it doesn’t require special skills. It doesn’t require great intellect. It doesn’t require an of official title. All that is needed is an open mind and a positive attitude.

If, after reading this post, your mind starts to think about the reasons this wont work, don’t worry, you aren’t qualified for the position anyway!

For those of you who make new years resolutions, consider making one to become an angels advocate. Your life will truly flourish,

Have a great day (and a great new year!)


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  1. Great post, Lawrence!

    The beginning of a new year (and new decade) is a great time to implement change in our lives. Making an effort to act more upbeat and positive rather than gloomy and negative is a start to becoming an “angels advocate”. Only through practice and patience can one change their mindset from pessimistic to optimistic, which is crucial when trying to become an “angels advocate”.

    Hope all is well!

    Happy New Year!


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