Are you prepared?

Don’t worry, this isn’t a post about the end is coming or Armageddon or anything like that.

Are you prepared for success? Many people think they are until it actually comes, then they realize that they aren’t even remotely close to being prepared.

If you are a small manufacturer or a cool new product and you suddenly get a huge order from Wal Mart, are you prepared? Do you have the financing in place to get the raw materials needed to fill this order?

If you are a building contractor and a big developer comes to you and wants to hire you to build a brand new subdivision, do you have the access to capital and manpower to pull this off?

If you are a marketing agency and a multi national conglomerate wants to hire you to roll out their new brand, do you have the resources to pull to meet their time lines?

Frequently, we spend more time planning for disaster than we do planning for the dangers of success. To properly plan for success, this might include things such as:

Having a line of credit available for sudden expansion, if needed
Having access to a trained work force, if needed
Having access to, or the ability to quickly ramp up your facilities

If you aren’t careful, sudden unplanned for success can destroy an organization. Make sure you are prepared for the best, as well as the worst

Have a great day!


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