Where do you network?

I received an invitation in the mail the other day for a business networking opportunity. It’s the type of gathering where people go to meet other “like minded” individuals and exchange business cards etc.

While I rarely go to these types of things (they typically aren’t geared towards introverts), the few that I have gone to have had a lot of people looking to be hired (some looking for employment and others looking for contracts) and not many people looking to hire. So, while many have good intentions, there are many “sellers” and not many “buyers”.

It’s been my experience that much better networking can be done in less formal settings. Some examples would be::

Wine Tastings
Book Clubs
Local clubs

Unlike these more formal networking groups, you wont walk away from these with a handful of business cards. However, it just takes one good contact to make a BIG difference in your business

If these formal networking gatherings are working for you, GREAT. If not, consider other opportunities that might allow you a more comfortable way to meet people

Have a great day!


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