Take Ownership

These days, people seem to always want to complain. Regardless of position, people always find something wrong

“The house is dirty”
“That report was due yesterday, why haven’t you started?”
“Sales are down, what are you doing to fix it?”
“This isn’t working the way I thought it would”
“Why have donations slowed down?”

At what point do we stop complaining about things and start doing something about them?

Rather than complaining about things, take some ownership and do what is needed to improve things.

This might be something as simple as cleaning the house if it’s dirty but the reality is we can’t fix all problems by doing them ourselves. Sometimes ownership means taking some responsibility, figuring out where things have fallen apart and helping with fixing the problem through organization and delegation. Then, once things have been organized and delegated, monitor to make sure things are being done on schedule. Too often, the follow up is where we let down so just assuming that things will be done because we mentioned it once isn’t always good enough.

If more people would take some ownership of a problem, look to find ways to fix the problem, and take some responsibility, we would have a lot less problems in the world. Instead, we seem to prefer to sit back, look to place blame, and complain as much as possible.

Take ownership of problems and good things will happen

Have a great day!


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