It’s a great time to be in business!

The economy sucks.

People are being laid off.

Sales are down.

If you want, I can keep going on the doom and gloom side.

On the other hand, those with courage and conviction will see this as a great time to be in business.

There are extremely talented people looking for work and willing to work for reasonable fees.

While others are cutting back, this is a GREAT time to look to take over market share. Those who survive the downturn will be the ones who are strong in the upturn.

There are still people out there who need goods and services and there is less competition than before.

There are banks willing to lend money for good opportunities but now, they truly do have to be good opportunities.

Everywhere I look I see great opportunities. For some reason, others look at the same things and only see the negatives.

I can’t speak for anyone else but it sure is a GREAT time to be in business!

Have a great day!


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