Is your entrance where people are entering?

When people think about their websites, the first page they think about is their homepage.. However, that isn’t necessarily the page people are seeing.

As an example, I read each weekday morning. However, I have no idea what is on the homepage because I first go to the business section and then go to the sports section. I don’t remember ever seeing the homepage. It wouldn’t matter what they put on their homepage because I’ll never see it.

This concept transfers to brick and mortar buildings as well. You might have a beautiful entrance to your building but if everyone is parking in the back lot and entering the back door, they might never see this beautiful entrance.

Since we know how important first impressions are, it’s important to understand where people are entering our businesses (virtual or brick and mortar). Once we know this, then we can work to make sure their initial entry is a positive one.

Have a great day!


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