If it was your money, would you still be spending it?

How many times do you see an employee of a company request money to make a purchase and you KNOW that if it was their company and their money, at the very least, they would think twice before making the purchase.

When it’s someone else’s money, they need the newest furniture, the biggest monitor, the best of everything. When it’s their own money, the old furniture is just fine. The biggest monitor isn’t needed and good is fine, who needs the best?

When people travel on an expense account, do they eat where they normally would if they were paying or do they see this as an opportunity to eat at a place they wouldn’t want to pay for themselves?

Wouldn’t it be nice if all people involved in an organization were just as careful with the organizations money as they are with their own (or as they should be with their own)?

The next time you are spending someone else’s money, think whether you are doing the right thing or are you taking advantage of the situation? You might be surprised if you give yourself an honest answer

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