Good marketing for a bad product or bad marketing for a good product

Which would you prefer to have, bad marketing for a good product or good marketing for a bad product?

If you have a good product (or service) but don’t market it well, short term you will probably struggle. Long term, there is hope because even with bad marketing, if the product is good and a few people try it and like it, work of mouth can get your message to others.

If you have a bad product (or service) and market it really well, many people will have a bad experience in the short term and there will be no long term.

Good marketing will kill a bad product quickly. Bad marketing might kill a good product as well but it might not. Bad marketing of a bad product simply wont last. Good marketing of a good product is what we all want but few can accomplish.

There is no doubt that marketing matters but if you don’t have a good product or service, marketing wont help in the long run

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